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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Shedding True Light on the Meaning of Fashion at PROJECT Las Vegas 2013

    On February 17, 2013, the Ranipak staff flew from Cali to showcase the upcoming 2013 YUM-C line, and the launch of Y.U.M.C to the fashion world.

    Located in the California Lifestyle section, it was an honor to be near brands like United Blue, Lacoste, LRG, Diamond, Palladium, Havianas, Hudson, Herschel, Incase, Joe’s Jeans, AG, and Toms.

    Although foot traffic was a tiny bit smaller than incumbent brands, being able to showcase something that is not only functional, but truly unique in design, is awesome.

    CEO of Trendstop, Jaana Jätyri, proclaimed that Y.U.M.C is a manifestation of upcoming design and trends for 2013.

    According to YUM-C's CEO, CJ Kim, “Fashion is not copying what is currently out there, but tapping into one own’s individual spirit and being able to display that with different mediums of fabrics and colors. Looks are superficial, but my vision is to create something functional and spiritual.”

    Perhaps it is the CEO’s own spirit that lies behind his new brand Y.U.M.C. Every product is “molded by the spirit within.”


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