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  • CES 2015 - LVCC South Hall4, #36800












    Happy New Year! We will be attending another year at the CES Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center- South Hall4, #36800, from Monday, January 5 to Friday, January 9, 2015. Come and check out our new lines of bags! This year we also launched our first cell phone case, the SCREENGUARD CASE! The case can be combined with the bike and car mount and the wristband that we also created for this New Year. Hope to see you all there.

  • Ranipak at 2014 International CES, Las Vegas

    Ranipak 2014 CES YUMC 2014 CES

    January 6, 2014

    YUM-C is starting the 2014 year off right, with much anticipation and eagerness to show our new line of product at International CES Las Vegas Convention Center.  YUM-C is proud to present our premium, urban booth at CES.  All of our designs will be shown at our booth - including backpacks, messenger bags, rucksack bags, crossbody messenger bags, satchel bags, duffel bags, and sleeves.  We are introducing four new lines; Haight, Melrose, Greenwich, and HED.  Haight, Greenwich and the HED line would be very fitting for the technology, business, and education users everywhere.  The Melrose line, our hippest, is ideal for the fashion industry, fashonistas, and retailers wishing to provide these great products.

  • Shedding True Light on the Meaning of Fashion at PROJECT Las Vegas 2013

    On February 17, 2013, the Ranipak staff flew from Cali to showcase the upcoming 2013 YUM-C line, and the launch of Y.U.M.C to the fashion world.

    Located in the California Lifestyle section, it was an honor to be near brands like United Blue, Lacoste, LRG, Diamond, Palladium, Havianas, Hudson, Herschel, Incase, Joe’s Jeans, AG, and Toms.

    Although foot traffic was a tiny bit smaller than incumbent brands, being able to showcase something that is not only functional, but truly unique in design, is awesome.

    CEO of Trendstop, Jaana Jätyri, proclaimed that Y.U.M.C is a manifestation of upcoming design and trends for 2013.

    According to YUM-C's CEO, CJ Kim, “Fashion is not copying what is currently out there, but tapping into one own’s individual spirit and being able to display that with different mediums of fabrics and colors. Looks are superficial, but my vision is to create something functional and spiritual.”

    Perhaps it is the CEO’s own spirit that lies behind his new brand Y.U.M.C. Every product is “molded by the spirit within.”


  • My Top 12 Picks for CES 2013 - down the avenue

    I loved the slick design of Ranipak's new Y.U.M.C. Series. Great for travelers on the go, there are tons of pockets and great colors (particularly liked the eggplant).

    Their other range of products includes messenger bags, backpacks, business cases, computer and tablet cases & sleeves, duffels, totes and luggage.

    All products are done in a great European design with a global appeal.

    down the avenue YUMC Wave Backpack blue_1

  • Discovering Functionality and Individuality CES 2013 Update


    Technology gurus from all around the globe gathered together in the second week of the New Year to showcase their upcoming products for the 2013 year.


    Each technological giant displayed a combination of stunning design with their products. Samsung had an eye-catching display of televisions moving around and Intel created a tree made of laptops. Other industry giants from sound, vision, photography, and other electronic good makes came to exhibit items that they were planning to release on the market.


    Although not a large industry giant, the Ranipak staff, arrived at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with series of different product lines lined up for the upcoming year. Instead of creating visual effects with lighting and music in their booth, the Ranipak staff, decided to let their products speak for themselves.


    From the TSA friendly, HED line to the adjustable insides of Y.U.M.C camera case messenger, each product can be shaped to fit the things a person might find themselves carrying as life goes onward. Even their laptop sleeves contain extra pockets, handles, and straps, allowing the sleeve to be converted into a carrying case.


    CEO, CJ Kim, believes that functionality needs to be useful and enables every individual to achieve their personal best. Different products exist because everyone functions differently. Technology helps brings out every person’s individuality. However, technology that is not user friendly is pointless, so is any type of accessory.


    According to Kim, “As a company, just as we respect everyone’s unique individuality, we respect the different products that are on the market. Consequently it is Ranipak’s goal to create backpacks, messengers, and cases that provide protection and organization of all the different electronic and personal products that any individual might carry.”


    “Finding a place for everything for everything that makes a person who they are” is the ideal that is behind every Ranipak creation.

    2013-CES-show-brochure CES booth 2013

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